Paths to Prodeko

I decided already in secondary school that I wanted apply to medical school. Thus I ended up on a science-oriented high school in Turku. Throughout high school I chose courses mainly considering the med school entrance exams but personal interest got me to study also social studies. When the time to apply to higher education came, I needed a back up option to secure myself an unemployment benefit in case I didn't get in. I hadn't heard of IEM before my mother brought it up. At first I was hesitant, mainly due to the name, but after looking a bit more into the content of the studies my mind was completely changed. In the end I applied to industrial engineering and management programmes in Aalto and Tampere. It was the best choice of my life to look beyond the traditional mindset of "I am good at school so I'll apply to med school, law school or business school" and take my career where I want it to go.


Sara, third-year IEM student

I graduated from a science-oriented high school and after studying a lot of maths and physics, it was a natural choice to apply to study technology in university. Technical sciences appealed to me with the possibilities to learn mathematical subjects and apply them to use. The first time I applied I didn't get in but the next year I secured a place studying electrical engineering. During the first year of studies I found out more about IEM studies and ultimately I decided to apply again but this time to study industrial engineering and management. 

After a tough spring of studying for the entrance exams I got in and started my IEM studies in the autumn. Even after just a few moths of studying I knew I was in the right place. The studies are interesting and especially project courses together with technology firms coach you for work in an unprecedented way. I have been happy with my decision to change up my study path and Prodeko, the guild of IEM students, has played a big part in that. The guild consists of motivated students and getting things done together helps with coping both with the studies and the lively student life.


Aarni, first-year IEM student

I ended up studying IEM because I thought it was an excellent combination of technology and business. At first I wasn't exactly sure where I wanted to apply and even though economy and business world interested me, I didn't feel like business studies would be my thing. I missed logical deduction and the opportunity to use my mathematical reasoning skills. I did check out various technological studies, but it bothered me that they were really concentrated on a spesific field. At this point I my interest in IEM started to grow because IEM studies don't tie a student to a spesific field. I made my final decision to apply when I read on Aalto's website regarding IEM "The studies suit you, if there lives a little problem solver inside of you and you are interested in mathematic-scientifical phenomena and people."


Julius, second-year IEM student

A few decades back my aunt hade worked in an office where an IEM graduate had come to consult. My aunt had then chatted with him and when I reflected on where to apply, she mentioned how nice the consult was and how interesting the job seemed. I researched IEM online and found a syllabus which looked interesting since there were maths and physics and all kinds of different things. I applied, got in and was happy that my aunt had had the coincidence and that I ended up here.


Rita, second-year IEM student

In the beginning of high school my interest alternated between medical school, veterinary school and studies in physics and meteorology. My interests swifted from one week to another but my main hopes were the same, to find a line of business were the rate of employment was high and to really have an influence on the society. I hadn't even thought of IEM since I thought its primary focus was commercial studies. However as my graduation approached I started to think the fastest and most efficient way to change the world was through business which made IEM a real option for me. As I also realized that it would make my unspoken dream of experiencing the lively student life in Otaniemi true, the pieces came together. Other upsides of studying IEM were the coolest student overalls, a relatively small amount of "real" tech studies and a chance to customize your own studies.

As I am writing this I have been in the study place of my dreams for a year and a half and even though there have been a few bumps on the road, I know I made the right choice. The Prodeko community can be the right place for a humanist too and I wouldn't trade these days – or nights – for anything. 


Tua, second-year IEM student