The one and only Prodeko Seminar:

The seminar is the Prodeko community’s largest annual event which gathers together the IEM students, alumni and faculty staff. This year’s theme is Wellbeing in the Hybrid Way of Life which drills into this new hybrid-formed world from the wellbeing and innovation perspectives. Due to Covid, the event will be held remotely at the Liveto platform. In this compact event, you will hear amazing speaks and intriguing fireside chats as well as share your insights on the topic in smaller groups. After the main event, you can get together with your old friends as well as meet new people inside the Prodeko community in the virtual lounge rooms on the event platform.


Supporters of the Seminar:


14:00 - : The seminar

Fireside chat hosted by Jari Ylitalo, participants include Anna Granskog, Ville Iho and Marianne Vikkula 
Discussion in smaller groups  
VALOR speech by Henrikki Palva

Coffee Break: At this point, you will receive the food coupons in your email

Speech by Frank Martela
Deloitte speech by Kirsi Kemi
Speech by Mårten Mickos

17:00 - : Hangout in session rooms



Mårten Mickos: CEO of HackerOne
Frank Martela: Postdoctoral researcher at TUTA
Marianne Vikkula: Director of New Markets at Wolt
Ville Iho: President of Terveystalo
Anna Granskog: Partner at McKinsey & Company
Kristiina Mäkelä: Provost at Aalto University
Jari Ylitalo: University Lecturer at TUTA


The Seminar team:

The team organizing the seminar this year:
Rasmus Pekkarinen, Eeva Jokinen, Tresor Banzuzi, Hannes Väre & Jaakko Lehtonen