Prodeko Alumni


Prodeko Alumni is Prodekoians' alumni organization which mission is 

  • to cherish and promote the identity and spirit of studies of Industrial Engineering and Management and Prodeko
  • to develop and support members spiritual and professional aspirations
  • to use members' skillset to promote science and develop the society


This aim is executed by many ways, which are for example

  • promoting members connection and refreshment possibilites by different member services as common events and information
  • supporting members professional development
  • being a window to academic world of IEM as well to a person in worklife as still studying members
  • being a channel to all members to influence in society


A part of activities is versatile collaboration with Aalto University's Department of Industrial Engineering and Management and Prodeko, The Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management, as professionally and free time related. In addition Prodeko alumni keeps contact with old TKK's alumni organization Polialumni and other guilds' alumni organizations and clubs. 

Prodeko Alumni was born when Prodekoians own alumni association was first talked years. Later autumn in 1998 Prodeo invited its old members to have establishment meeting to the alumni organization. First name of the association was "Prodeko's senior guild" but this was changed some years later. In the first meeting there were ten to twenty members and nowadays Prodeko Alumni has over 2000 members. 


More information about association, its rules, events and joining it can be found on its own pages:



Prodeko Alumni Board 2023


etunimi=first name, sukunimi=last name

  • Johanna Tavia (PJ) etunimi.sukunimi[at]
  • Aaro Arstila etunimi.sukunimi[at]
  • Antti Vassinen etunimi.sukunimi[at]
  • Niko Kandolin etunimi.sukunimi[at]
  • Valtteri Vaskikari etunimi.sukunimi[at]
  • Meiju Sundelin etunimi[at]
  • Pihla Päivänsalo (Prodeko) etunimi.sukunimi[at]
  • Jenna Liinamaa (Prodeko) etunimi.sukunimi[at]
  • Sonia Singh (alumnikoordinaattori) etunimi.sukunimi[at]



Enrollment to Alumni events


Enrollment to Alumni events is done via Prodeko Ilmokilke, click here. Alumni events are marked with caps lock "ALUMNI" at the beginning of the event name. If there is no that mark, event is for students only. More information about events can be found on alumni letter which will be sent all the alumni reguralry. 





The Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management Prodeko and Prodeko alumni started their common mentoring program again in 2014. Then there were 28 different aged alumni and over 30 Prodekoian students meeting each other during the Spring. There were one to three students per one alumni. After 2014, the mentoring program has been organised over and over again almost annually and it's been popular amongst both students and alumni. The aim of the program is to give more information about working life, helping with first steps of career and also to show alumni what it's being student right now. Alumni mentoring is usually in Spring time and is usually continued to the autum. Ask more information from Minister of Studies, opintovastaava(at)