Prodeko Ventures


Prodeko Ventures is a venture capital company founded by Prodeko guild of Industrial Engineering and Management and Prodeko alumni. Company's goal is to help startups and individuals of Prodeko to flourish and grow. We get the right advisors according to the situation and industry from our pool of 2500 alumni. Our experienced alumni work as mentors in turning points of career, for example when working as a CEO for the first time. Prodeko Ventures can also make early investments into companies with prodekoians in its key roles. More information about targetted companies and investment portfolio can be found in Prodeko Ventrues web pages:



Mentoring program


Objective of Prodeko Ventures' commercial alumni-to-alumni mentoring program is to establish a community in which strong experience and know-how of prodekoians is shared onwards via mentoring. At the same time, there's an endeavour to support more and more prodekoians to succeed and each their full potential.

Career-oriented prodekoians are in the main focus of this program. We gather prodekoians with a will to succeed in the main turning points of their career (for example changing position or gaining more responsibilities) up until their first time starting to work in an executive commitee or company board.

Our wide-ranged pool of mentors is consisted of executive committee and board professionals in leading companies of Finland, alumni with significant succes in the field of startups and Finlands leading professionals of different talent areas. As a typical attribute of Prodeko, alumni know-how isn't focus only to a narrow sector but to following areas, for example:

  • Management and personal growth
  • Building a startup-based business
  • Medium sized entreprised scaling to the new level
  • Companies renewal
  • Internationalization and listing
  • Global business strategies
  • Digitalization 
  • Human factors within hard solutions of businesses
  • Sales Management
  • Managing knowledge intensive organizations
  • Combination of successful international career, family and free time

Prodeko Ventures takes responsibility both for validitating mentees and for finding a suitable mentor-mentee-match. Year lasting mentoring program consists of first meeting and as a baseline once a month organised 1on1-meetings and free-form communication between a mentor and a mentee. The program is primarly made for companies which want to offeir best possibilities to grow their new role and to success with their future challenges to their most promising future stars. 

The price of mentoring consists of two part. Prodeko Ventures takes 40% of the total price but at least 800€ or 80€ per meeting as a starting price to confirm the mentor-mentee-match by organising the first meeting. In addition, a mentor defines one's price based on one's experience background and ability to commit to mentoring. Pricing guarantees mentoring which is in every situation committed and goal-oriented and the match is the most suitable option and both parties put effort to program from its start to end.

Over 400 Prodekoians has already told being available as an advisor to Prodekoian startup or as a mentor to striving Prodekoian with one's career. If you want to participate in activities, please update your profile on alumni register and activate tags "Minuun saa olla yhteydessä neuvonantajarooleista" (I'm open for connection regarding advisor positions) and/or "Olen kiinnostunut ylimmän johdon mentorointitoimeksiannoista" (I'm interested in top management mentoring assignments).