Harassment Contact Persons

Prodeko has four harassment contact persons: Aino Soinio, Sami Vilén, Aleksi Turkkila and Kalle Kinnala. The harassment contact persons are there for the guild members and they provide a low-threshold opportunity to report about experienced or witnessed harassment. The harassment contact persons can help the harassed to get in touch with professionals and make sure the situation is addressed within the guild. You can get in touch with the harassment contact persons even if you want to talk about the inappropriate behaviour you witnessed. Contact with the harassment contact persons is confidential and will not lead to further action unless the contact maker so wishes. You can find information about Prodeko's harassment contact persons below. You can also contact Prodeko's harrasment contact persons anonymously here:


Below you can find introductions of Prodeko's harrasment contact persons.

Aino Soinio,  Fresher ‘20

Hello! I'm Aino Soinio, a fourth year prodekoian. Parties are fun, but sometimes I feel mentally middle-aged and love chillin' at home with Downton Abbey :) I'm reliable and a pretty nice person, so if you ever need someone to talk to, just send me a message!  Even about the weather if nothing else ;)


+358 449745644

TG: @qlonqqu


Sami Vilén, Fresher ‘21

Hi! I'm Sami Vilén, Prodeko freshman '21. I like outdoor activities and sports, my current favourites are frisbee and volleyball. Come and chat if you feel like it, nothing is too small or pointless!


+358 452754750

TG: @samivilen


Aleksi Turkkila, Fresher ’20

Hi all! My name is Aleksi Turkkila and I started at Prodeko in 2020. In my free time I like to exercise in a way that suits the season, skiing being my current favourite. I'm very happy to help you with anything, so feel free to send me a message!


+358 405926353

TG: @aleksiturkkila

Kalle Kinnala, Fresher ’22

Hi there! My name is Kalle and I'm a freshman -22. I'm a chatty kind of guy who likes to spend time with people. As a balance, I also enjoy making music by myself. Please feel free to come and chat with me about anything and everything. Together, we can figure out the situation, the key is that you are not left alone to think about it!


+358 407609499

TG: @kallekinnala



If you wish, you can also contact AYY’s harassment contact persons or SCI’s Manager of Academic Affairs. SCI's Manager of Academic Affairs can help you in situations regarding Aalto staff. 


AYY's harassment contact persons can be found here

SCI’s Manager of Academic Affairs: 

Mari Knuuttila, mari.knuuttila@aalto.fi, +358 50 537 3358