Applying events


How do I apply for ESTIEM events?


ESTIEM has a PORTAL, where you can scroll the events that are currently offered. After finding an interesting event, you can apply for it in at the event description. The number of participants to an event is often limited. The organising Local Group chooses the participants for the event, and often a maximum of 2-3 participants can get in to the event from a Local Group. So, it is worth it to apply with a friend! For some of the events you have to write some motivational text, where you describe why you are the right participant for the event. If you get in, your registration as a participant is informed to you via email. Applying for Council Meetings, Regional Coordination Meetings and Local Group Exchanges happens centralized inside the Local Group. Contact ulkoministeri(at) if you are interested in these events. Please note, that in order to apply for the events, you have to be signed in to the portal!




How do I sign in to the ESTIEM portal?


ESTIEM user accounts are created for the freshmen in the beginning of the semester, and the login information are sent to the email address given to the guild. It’s beneficial to save the login information already in the beginning, so that they won’t get lost in your inbox. When signing in the first time, you should also update your personal information in your profile. If your login information is lost, please contact ulkoministeri(at)




Support from the department and the guild


The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management supports all ESTIEM travels with 100 euros, and the guild supports a student’s first ESTIEM trip with 50 euros. These supports are applied after the trip. You can get travel support from the department for maximum 2 travels per year.

The support in its whole is applied as a reimbursement from the guild web site. For that you need a receipt of the travel expenses and of the event participation fee which you should ask while paying the fee at the event. (it also may possible to ask this after the event form the organizer) In addition we’d appreciate a screenshot of the event in ESTIEM- pages and the boarding pass of the flight attached.