Guild officials 

Guild officials are a group of people who, along with the board, keep the guild functioning and guild members happy. The workload of guild officials is a little less than board members', but all efforts made for the guild are important, and without active officials, Prodeko wouldn't the Prodeko we know. Guild officials are elected annually in November one position at a time. Anyone can be an official: the only requirement is guild membership. If there is no position for something you would like to have in the guild, new positions can be established and when needed, additional election meetings can be carried out. Recreational events organised to guild officials in order to improve their well-being and help them keep up their good spirit when doing volunteer work.

There are seven special responsible officials amongst guild officials. These are the High School Recruitment Responsible, Tutor Responsible, ESTIEM-Responsible, CTO, Seminar Czar, Annual Ball Ringmaster and Chief Editor of Proleko?. 

Guild official positions


Operations Inspector (2 persons)
  • Inspect the operations of the guild
Vice Operations Inspector (2 persons)
  • Work as personal vice persons of operations inspectors
TEK Contact Person
  • Keeps contact to TEK
  • Informs guild members of TEK and issues related to it
  • Represents Prodeko in TEK Academy
Continuity Committee  (9-11 persons)
  • Makes ideas and helps the board with large projects and long-term development of operations
  • Supports and spars board members personally
Long XQ Responsible
  • Is responsible for organising the next abroad long excursion
Long XQ Committee (3 persons)
  • Work as main organisers of the trip with Long XQ Responsible


Event committee

Host Team (6 persons)
  • Make ideas and organise guild events together with Host and Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Are responsible for making traditional drink called Thunder and cherish its secret recipe
  • Take care for their part for Prodeko's warehouse
  • Organise annual ball week's party individually
Precentors (3 persons)
  • Are part of organising team of sitsit parties
  • Leads songs in all sitsit parties of the guild
  • Choose one representative of Prodeko to AYY's Precentor Committee
Precentor Journeymen
  • Help precentors when leading songs in guild's sitsit parties
  • Are part of organising team of sitsit parties together with precentors


Freshmen division

Tutor (=ISO) Responsible
  • Is responsible for tutor operations of the guild
  • Helps Captain of Freshmen Education and Captain of Masters' and International Students with freshmen operations of the guild
  • Represents Prodeko in AYY's ISO Committee (ITMK)
Responsible Tutors (=ISOs)
  • Coordinate freshmen groups
  • Are responsible for their part to familiarize freshmen into guild and teekkari culture
  • Are responsible for their part for organising freshmen events
  • Choices are made every Spring
Exchange Ambassador
  • Is a link between Freshmen division and exchange students
  • Represents exchange students and advocates them in Freshmen division
  • Choices are made every Winter and Summer amongst new exchange students


Media division

  • Leads web team
  • Is responsible for electric services of the guild
  • Is responsible for IT systems and IT projects maintain and development
Web team
  • Maintain and develop and electric services of the guild
  • Work as a IT gurus of the guild 
Media Merlin (2-6 persons)
  • Plan and develop guild's comprenhensive communications strategy
  • Take part guild's external communications as social media or content creating
  • Are part of Communications division
Documentors (1-3 persons)
  • Are responsible for photographing and publishing pictures of guild events
  • Are part of Communications division
Communications division
  • Includes Media Merlins, Documentors, High School Responsible and ESTIEM Responsible
  • Make ideas, plan and execute guild communications strategy concentrating mainly their own sector but also supporting other committee members



Proleko's Journalist Committee
Editor in chief
  • Is Editor in Chief
  • Is responsible for Proleko Journalist Committee
Layout persons
  • Makes the layout of Proleko
  • Write in every magazine and develop the journalist direction of the magazine regarding to their interests



Community Division

Gym Responsible
  • Is responsible for gym and developing and maintaining it
Guild Room MacGyver
  • Is responsible for guild room and makes ideas to develop it
  • Takes care for purchases to guild room
Milk Girl
  • Takes care that there are milk, tea, coffee etc in guild room
Sugar CEO
  • Is responsible for food sold in guild room
Billiard Responsible
  • Is responsible to organise billiard events in guild room
  • Takes care for billiard table and equipment of it
  • Coordinates guild's archiving
  • Takes care to carry archived objects to Polytechic Museum and/or AYY's archive
  • Makes a brief story about most significant events of the guild year after every year
  • Is committed to be a contact person when someone is asking about what happened in guild when it was historian's responsible year


Culture Division

Culture Persons (2-6 persons)
  • Plan and organise guild's culture events with Minister of Internal Affairs



Seminar Committee
Seminar Tsar
  • Is responsible for organising the whole Prodeko Seminar
  • Coordinates cooperation with Seminar Responsible (chosed by Prodeko Alumni Board amongst them) and department's contact person
  • Takes care to keeping contact with Prodeko Board
Members of Seminar Committee
  • Organise Prodeko Seminar with Seminar Tsar
  • inc. also Minister of Corporate Relations and Treasurer



Annual Ball Committee
Diskonttaus Ringmaster (1-2 persons)
  • Is responsible for organising the whole annual ball 
  • Keeps contact with Prodeko Board
Members of Annual Ball Committee
  • Organise annual ball
  • inc. also Minister of Corporate Relations, Treasurer and Host


Corporate Relations Team

YS-officials (4 persons)
  • Are responsible for summer job evening and summer job guide
  • Help Minister of Corporate Relations and Minister of Excrursions with corporate relations of the guild
  • Are responsible for updating guild's reqruiting forum and Prodeko Jobs


External Relations Division

Overall tasks: to promote guild member internationalization, take care of relations to other guilds and study organizations, help organising ESTIEM-events and to organise TIMES and Jr. TIMES.

ESTIEM Responsible
  • Works as a Local Responsible of ESTIEM Local Group Helsinki and as a ESTIEM contact person to guild members
  • Is responsible by one's part to internationalization of the guild members via ESTIEM
  • Is responsible to informing guild members about ESTIEM related issues and communicates them with board
  • Is responsible for ESTIEM-cooperation with Athene
  • Represents LG Helsinki in ESTIEM-events (CM and Nordic ReCoM)
  • Is part of Comminications Division
External Relations Offcials (3 persons)
  • Promote external internationalization of the guild members
  • Support Minister of Foreign Affairs to develop international operations
  • Help Minister of Foreign Affairs to maintain external affairs
  • Support ESTIEM Responsible with ESTIEM-work
  • Organise TIMES and Jr. TIMES
IEM Days Officials (2 persons)
  • Plan and organise IEM Days when located in Otaniemi


Study Division

All guild members who are interested about study issues and advocacy can attend Study Division and its conversations, also without spesific guild official role.

Mentoring manager
  • Organises and develops guild's alumni mentoring program together with Minister of Studies
  • Works as Prodeko Ventures contact person
  • Is responsible for organising common events to Prodeko Ventures and guild
High School Responsible
  • Is responsible for high school marketing of the guild as a whole
  • Leads high school team of the guild
  • Is part of Communications Division
  • Executes guild's high school marketing
  • Helps High School Responsible to develop guild's high school marketing
Major Resposibles (3 persons)
  • Major Responsibles work as contact persons issues related their own major's studies and support Minister of Studies regarding to those
  • Help Minister of Studies with advocacy related to Master phase's studies
  • Tell about different contents of different majors to other IEM students
Student representatives of University's administration 
  • Also known as Hallopeds, AYY chooses
  • If they want, can also work as a guild official in Prodeko
  • Execute advocacy together with Minister of Studies