In 2016 and 2017 members of Prodeko defined their values as the history of Prodeko society turned 50 years old. It's quite common for an organization to define their values but in student or alumni society it's way more rare. The final goal when defining the values is still the same - to create social cohesion and to lead the activity of the society. 

In the beginning of the process, in Spring 2016, were both students and alumni asked a few questions: what Prodeko as an identity means to them, what they hope it would mean and what kind of values they see in Prodeko society. There were told some traditional features linked to Prodeko as ambition and work ethic, but even more the answers were about topics which we often forget in daily conversations. Nevertheless, these topics are the most important ones - sense of community, helping friends, value of difference, failure and imperfection. As a result of the survey we defined our values which summarise quite well, what is being member of Prodeko-society and what is the direction we want to develop ourselves.