About Prodeko


Welcome to the "For the Guild Members" section of Prodeko's website! On these pages, you will find the most important links and information from Prodeko as a guild and its services. The Freshmen are welcome to start the New Students page, which is full of valuable information about starting studies and student life. Please note that some services require you to sign in to work. You can contact the Prodeko's Media Emperor for signing up for the website.

The Board of Prodeko collects feedback on its operations through many different channels. Submit feedback to the board via Telegram @prodekopalautebot, email or fill out the feedback form.



Prodeko's values

During the years 2016 and 2017, we prodekoians defined our values for the celebration of our 50th birthday. Setting values are quite common in general, but it's unusually less common among student groups. However, the ultimate purpose of defining values in always the same: to create cohesion and to guide community action.

The foundation for defining values in the Summer of 2016 was asking both students and alumni, what being a prodekoian means, what would they like to mean and what kind of values each attach to prodekology. The answers, naturally, found qualities that were historically affiliated with prodekoians, such as ambition and diligence. Surprisingly, most of the responses showed us charasteristics of prodekoians maybe not spoken about in everyday conversations. These are the charasteristics that are the most important to us, like communality, helpoing each other, respect for diversity and the valuation of failures and imperfection. The values formulated from the questionnaire's responses strongly summarise what prodekology is and in what direction we want to evolve as a community.